I first got into coding in elementary school, inspired by watching my grandfather and uncle operate a small software company in the 1990s. My mother, who did clerical work to help them out, often took me there after school. I wanted to understand what they do, so I started learning when I was only eight.

That sparked a passion that has now lasted over two decades, leading me to constantly seek to learn about and try new things in software engineering. I build stuff first and foremost for the sake of building interesting things.


I'm highly proficient in the following:

Languages: JavaScript/TypeScript, C#, SQL, GraphQL, Swift, Ruby, Golang
Technologies: React, React Native, Redux, Node, Mongo, REST APIs, Redis, ElasticSearch, Selenium, Socket.IO
Platforms: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku

Open Source Oddities
  • Stedeem - A tool for streamlining redeeming Steam keys
  • Fed2 Bot - A bot for automating tasks in my favorite text-based game, Federation II.
  • MMO Roll - A simple CLI tool for rolling dice from the command line in a way reminiscent of WoW.
This Site

The site you are on now is built with React and served up from a Node.js service, all custom built by myself. It is reachable at both &